“There is something very enchanting about 8 handsome men singing in perfect harmony on a stage”

The men of EL OCHO have overwhelmed audiences around the
world with their stunning image and incredible voices.

A uniquely talented group of men whose vocal ranges unite to
orchastrate a potpourri of musical excellence. Their extensive
repertoire includes operatic classics and pop & rock hits that
embarks the audience on a musical journey.

Accompanied by their live band, their high energy dance
routines will have their audiences wanting to get involved as no
genre of music is left unturned.

The camaraderie of 8 friends is clear for all to see and their
interaction with international audiences always creates a
fantastic atmosphere in any venue.

Traditional yet intuitive, classical but modern. EL OCHO defy the
boundaries set by musical genres as you are transported on a
global tour of musical showstoppers.

For further information, live show videos and trailers please
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